Kathryne Fassbender, CDCS

One day in my 6th-grade science class, the group started talking about dementia. At the time I had no clue what it really was, nor was I aware of anyone in my life who had dementia. I knew enough though, that when a classmate started calling it, “old timers disease” to be appalled by that comment.  This launched my passion for working with dementia. In 2005 when my grandmother (her Grandma Marie) was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, the story become personal, and I have since dedicated my life’s work to serving those with dementia and their families.

Kathryne Fassbender, CDCS is an artist and storyteller, a public speaker and dementia trainer. She has 15 plus years of experience working with dementia by becoming relational with those who are seeking connection. Using her classical training in music, her practice in studio art, and theatre training, she works to cultivate a community and help all tap into their playful and creative self. Kathryne encourages all to see beyond the basic care goals of safety, comfort, and breathing and through encounters with the creative imagination transform those goals into connection, joyful, and alive. 

Kathryne is a Certified Dementia Communication Specialist, Purple Angel Ambassador, Public Speaker, and Certified TimeSlips Facilitator, with a background in the Creative Arts Therapies, and trained in building Creative Communities of Care.

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